Ruins of Gothic Cathedral - Painting guide

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Ruins of the Gothic Cathedral - Painting Guide

Today I want to present you a small tutorial on how to paint, the model of the Gothic Cathedral ruins. A similar painting scheme can also be applied to other models of ruins. At the same time, I encourage you to experiment with your own choice of colors.

Step 1 - Primer and the first shading

As a primer, I used Citadel - Standard Gray spray. Then shading done by semi dry brush, I used Vallejo paints - Gold Brown.

Step 2 - Another shading

I made the next two layers of shading using the same method, but less precisely so as not to cover the entire previous layer of paint. I used successively Vallejo - Dark Sand and Bone White paints.
Then in places where I wanted to get the impression of stronger dirt and moss I used Citadel Shade - Reikland Fleshshade and Biel-Tan Green. Because these paints are slightly shiny, to compensate for this effect, I added some dirty water left after cleaning the brushes.

Step 3 - Brightening

At the end I lightened the slightly more convex spots of the model, as well as the edges. I used a mix of white paint and Vallejo Bone White for this.
Here's the end result.

Pictures, unfortunately, I made by phone, so they do not fully reflect the colors. I hope, however, that you like this little tutorial and it will help you achieve a satisfactory result.

Waiting for comments and suggestions :) maybe you have your own idea how to paint this type of model, and maybe you would change something.


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21 November 2018

I find your painting scheme very interesting. I never paint some piece of scenary like that, but I would for sure use your style. Except for the green, I would use it less. Nice work!

25 April 2019

Love your style, the green is very realistic of a old decaying building nice touch :)

27 September 2020

Wow, thank you for sharing photo - steps about painting this awesome ruins for table top gaming. You inspire me to use green paint in the "aging" & "weathering" of the ruins, simulating moss/algae staining & decay of time. For my Gothic Ruins I added bits of moss here in there as I've seen in photos of UK Gothic ruins.

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