Mini Monsters Diorama

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Mini Monsters diorama.

We would like to present You our demonstration diorama. Construction of the entire models lasted a long time, but I think it was worth it. Effect judge it yourself :)
First, the idea of how the whole diorama is supposed to look, then laid out arrangement of individual elements and models that we wanted to present. We can't use all of our products, but here is the really large amount of them. If you would like to create your diorama, use them to battle games or have any other ideas you can find them in our store.

We started from making of construction, which was then build by rocks. Most work was probably taking duing the rocks, we wanted to make them look realistic. That's why we made them from "Styrodur", carefully forming each piece. Then it was time to put buildings, fences, walls, and the whole mass of smaller parts. All models can be removed so that we can rotate them and move. Then came the time for painting, it also took many hours of our work. At the end we add trees, bushes and static grass.
Below are some pictures of the whole diorama.

I hope You would like the result of all this work :)


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27 February 2018

This is wonderful! Any chance you'll be releasing the bridge to your store?

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